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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains what kind of information we collect about you, and how it is used.

  1. What information we collect and what we use
    First of all, other than many other property and accommodation sites, you do not end up on our email distribution list simply by entering an email address or registering. As you cannot opt-in, you also cannot opt-out. Very simple: no confusion, no possible annoyance.
    Only if you explicitly indicate to us that you would like us to keep you informed about the availability of certain accommodation objects, ONLY then will we actually use your contact details. This means that you will NEVER receive information that WE think YOU might be interested in. We will only send you information about objects we KNOW you are interested in, and only because you have told us, not because we assumed your interest.
    If you submit an accommodation enquiry, we will require your address details, even if it's only your name and email address. This information is stored by us to contact you with the results of your enquiry. Nothing else happens with it.
    You will therefore also never receive information from third parties associated with our booking service, unless you have given them your information yourself. Unfortunately we have no control over their doings, but rest assured that they haven't received the information from us.
    We will of course analyse the database for demographic information, and we may get back to you if your feedback form indicates problems with the site or speed, but we do that ourselves without the use of a third party that may possibly compromise your privacy.
    In short, we don't provide privacy lip service that suits our own commercial interests. We are serious about it, and it shows.

  2. How we protect your information
    The Internet is, other than many other propery and accommodation sites proclaim, a secure medium -- if it's set up this way. The term "secure" is and will remain relative, but in relation to credit card information, a 128bit secure socket layer and sophisticated encryption routines are much more confidence-inspiring than handing someone your credit card and not seeing that person (and your card) for the next 3 minutes.
    No credit card information is ever stored on our live database servers - period. This means that no one can hack into it and retrieve such information. We deploy a sophisticated and confidential encryption process that transfers any kind of sensitive information to us.
    Locally, appropriate safe-guarding measures have been taken to ensure that even in the case of a break-in or hack, this information remains unaccessible.

  3. What happens if the business is sold
    Should this business ever be sold, none of your information will be disclosed to any other party prior to your personal approval - period. This is again very much unlike other services who think it's quite normal that such details get transferred to a new owner without first asking you.

  4. Updating your details
    In case of your details changing during an active communication process with SunCape South Africa, we'd appreciate you letting us know. For just this purpose we have provided the registration process, which allows you to modify such details yourself once you're added your details to our database. And again, it's only address and site feedback details we store, not sensitive credit card information.

  5. How to contact SunCape Accommodations cc
    We welcome your views about our web site and our Privacy Policy.
    If you would like to contact us with any queries or comments please make use of our contact form.